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Any issues with violation of personal information and copyrights can be resolved by taking the following procedures.
Submit ‘Personal Rights Violation Form’ → Investigation of personal rights violation → Deletion of violated file and notification to the uploader → Submitter receives result via email
Download and fill out the ‘Personal Rights Violation Form” along with any evidences and submit to Pandora TV
* Violation of Rights Report_PERSON : MS Word
* Violation of Rights Report_COMPANY : MS Word
Submit ‘Violation of Rights Summons Form’ → Notice of litigation to both parties → Parties reach resolution through the decision of lawful authority → Pandora TV follows the decision from the lawful authority
Download and fill out the ‘Violation of Rights Summons Form’ along with any evidences and submit to Pandora TVIf the litigation or any documentary evidences are found to be false during the investigation after the Violation of Rights Summons is filed, the person who filed the summons will bare all the legal liabilities associated with the summons. Also, that person will make compensation for any damages of the company or the other person.
- オンライン受付 (1ファイルあたり5kb未満のgif・jpg・txt・zip・doc・pngファイルのみ添付可能)
- File/Report via Postal Service:
Copyright Infringement Report Center
Pandora TV Inc.
5F. Seoul Gangnam Bldg, #727-16
Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-921, South Korea
- File/Report via FAX Transmission