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1. Pdivacy Policy

The company is responsible for any information and data you register or provide to use this software to be protected by the Pdivacy Policy of PANDORATV® However, the Company is not responsible for any problems that may arise from the personal configuration not published and authorized by the Company or the use of 3rd party add-on software and hardware. As a part of support services of the Software, the Company may collect and use data from the Users.

2. Consent to use HD, Live streaming service and Grid Network (KMP Service)

2.1 For smooth transmission of media service streaming sources to the users, the Company may implement the Grid Network (KMP Service) technology into software and Users give permission of streaming source delivery from Users’ PC to others or to receive the streaming sources from others’ PC
2.2 Under this License Agreement, users agree that through a network device attached to users’ PC, streaming source could be transported to other users and for the other users to receive and store users’ broadcasting contents as well as to transmit their contents to other users. 
2.3 Grid Network (KMP Service) is being used to improve the quality and reliability of a wide range of services that are being provided to the users such as; File Download, Video Streaming, Live Streaming and this service is not available when KMPlayer is not activated.
2.4 Grid Network 
2.4 ① Service name: KMP Service
2.4 ② When to use : Grid Network is registered within Window service and it runs automatically when Windows Starts by being registered to Windows Services (except, Grid Network (KMP Service) Engine doesn’t operate when the service isn’t being used.) 
2.4 ③ Usage Range : HDD (maximum of 5% or less of free space), Network (Upstream : within bandwidth not being used by the user or less)
2.4 ④ Generated Directory: Service folder gets created in C:\Program Files\PandoraTV\Panservice 
2.5 HD, Live streaming and Grid Network’s (KMP Service) same policy applies to any future additional services and projects of PANDORATV® according to its directions.

3. Limitation of Liability of the Company

3.1 The company is not responsible for providing the service in the event of force majeure, exhibitions, events, natural disasters, such as national emergency in relation to the service. 
3.2 The Company is not responsible for any technical matters of internet, network and telecommunications services 
3.3 Company is not responsible for any damages caused by unavoidable circumstances of equipment repairing, replacement, periodic inspection, and construction and required services that has been notified in advance 
3.4 The Company shall not assure and guarantee the authenticity, copyright information and compliance of the data being provided through the Software. Unless it was created by the Company and is being provided. 
3.5 The Company shall not be responsible for users’ expected profit gain and/or users’ losses by using the Software 
3.6 The Company has no responsibility and is not obligated to mediate any conflicts between Users and a 3rd party which was caused by using the software and will not compensate for any damages caused. 

4. Termination of Agreement

4.1 The License of this software continues to apply until terminated by either party. User may terminate this agreement by stopping the use of part or whole of this software or by removing the copy of the software.
4.2 Users agree that the agreement may be terminated by doing the following.
4.2 ① User of KMP® fails to fulfill or breaches this agreement, User Agreement or any other terms and violations of the integrated agreement and guidelines. 
4.2 ② By Law enforcement authorities or by other government agencies requesting to terminate the agreement.
4.2 ③ By your/user request.
4.2 ④ The software is not being provided anymore or has been changed physically.
4.2 ⑤ Unexpected Technical or security issues caused by force-majeure.
4.2 ⑥ User does not use the service for a long time.

5. Others

5.1 This License Agreement which also includes User License shall equally be applied to any future linked services related to the Software, affiliated services, affiliated devices, third-party contents and third-party software.
5.2 If there is a conflict between the User License Agreement and the terms & conditions, the conditions of this License takes the precedence over users’ terms & conditions unless the this User License Agreement imposes additional restrictions and liabilities to the user.
5.3 Any further modifications of this License Agreement and any information relating to this license shall be notified to Users through the announcement section at

6. Violation

In case when you find any violations of the License Agreement and/or the conditions that violate this agreement, please report to (

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms & Conditions not stated in this License Agreement are subject to the relevant laws and regulations

7. Dispute Resolution

7.1 It is agreed that any disputes that are brought to lawsuit arising from the use of the Software shall be handled by the jurisdiction court which is the jurisdiction court of the Company’s Headquarter and shall be the first instance court of competent jurisdiction.
7.2 These Terms & Conditions of the License Agreement shall apply as of December 07, 2012.


This notice is in reference to the merger PANDORA TV CO.,LTD. a Corporation, herein sometimes referred to as the Surviving Corporation, and PANDORATV CO.,LTD., a Corporation, said corporations hereinafter sometimes referred to jointly as the Constituent Corporations on of first day of October, 2013, by and between.