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1.1 KMP® is Freeware.

1.1 KMP® is Freeware.
1.2 KMP®’s official names are Korean Multimedia Player, KMP®, KMPlayer®, KMPLAYER®, KM플레이어®, 케이엠플레이어®, 케이엠피®. The official name for Open Service Platform which became available as of December 09th, 2011 is KMP Plus® (KMP+®).
1.3 KMP® is a program that plays multimedia files. Usually, Windows Media Player is used to watch movies or broadcasting shows, but Windows Media Player provides simple functions of a player so that the program falls short of expressing diverse information that is contained in video files.
1.4 On the contrary, KMP® is able to provide various functions to set diverse software and hardware setting and to recognize and set various display devices in order to use variety formats of video information and their captions currently provided for the users. KMP® is the best multimedia player that provides optimal environment for video replay.
1.5 When the user install the KMPlayer ®, the software automatically installs an icon on the user’s PC to run immediately KMPlayer for convenience, KMPlayer supports video that is stored on your PC, and provides the connectivity features of the program that can be executed immediately in KMPlayer for the audio file. The user is able to delete or change KMPlayer setting in the properties of connection program.

2. The Effect and Revision of stated Terms and Conditions

2.1 The agreement shall be disclosed during the process of installing and using KMPlayer® and goes into an effect when users agree with the Terms and Conditions.
2.2 If the Company deems necessary to amend these Terms and Conditions, the Company can make an amendment when it’s necessary based on internal decisions and shall officially note the amendment with the date and the reasons for the revision.
2.3 The user has the right to refuse on the revised terms and shall express the refusal within 15 days of the modified amendment notification. If the user declines, the company may terminate the contract with such users. Unless the user notifies of the refusal within 15 days of the notification, it will be indicated that the user is approving all the terms of the amendment.

3. Obligation of the Company

3.1 Company shall grant User the License to install and use the software at no charge for non-commercial purposes.
3.2 Company shall continue to provide a stable and sustainable service and shall repair the software without any delay if it fails to operate, unless there are unavoidable circumstances.
3.3 Company shall respond to the customer’s comments and complaints when asked and shall be processed immediately through an appropriate procedure when the user’s complaints are considered reasonable. However, the user shall be notified with a reason and the date it will be processed if the Company is not able to correct the problem immediately.
3.4 Company shall provide the latest software version as soon as the latest version becomes available. However, depending on the circumstances of the update, some of the features that were provided previously might become unavailable.
3.5 Company recognizes officially approved has no responsibility for KMPlayer or and related software products from any unofficial site downloaded.
3.6 Company shall establish the security system to protect personal information of users to disclose and comply with the Privacy policy.

4. License

4.1 KMP® contains exclusive, proprietary and confidential information protected by applicable laws of intellectual property laws and other regulations that are protected.
4.2 User may install & use all updates of the object code form provided by KMP® to the User’s personal computer and use them for personal purposes.
4.3 To use KMPlayer® in a commercial institution, User must send a Business License to the administrator of PANDORATV® to With an appropriate documentation and as long as it is confirmed that the User will not use KMPlayer® to create any sort of profit, PANDORATV® shall grant User the right to use the software in a commercial environment/institution. You can use this Software for non-commercial purposes or for personal convenience reasons.
4.4 The use of this software is subject to the following provisions.
4.4 ① This software is 100% freeware.
4.4 ② This software must not be used for commercial purposes.
4.4 ③ Personal purposes mean using the software for personal convenience only and not to create any profit.
4.4 ④ Commercial organization refers to an organization whose primary goal is to generate a profit for its owners.
4.4 ⑤ This software should not be included in event CD/CD supplement to a magazine without prior agreement from the Company.
4.4 ⑥ It’s only permitted to upload this software to resource site as it is distributed without any change in this software.
4.4 ⑦ This software should not be included in other software as part or whole of the software.
4.4 ⑧ The Company has no responsibility for any damages or problems that may arise from the use of this software in forms other than those provided in this software.

5. Prohibition of Use

The following actions are not permitted and also users are not allowed to permit any of the following actions to a 3rd party.
5.1 Of the Software in whole or in part - Copying, decompiling, reverse engineering, reverse assembling, decomposition, modification, rent, lease, lending of part or whole of this software, (under the applicable laws regarding copyrights of Republic of Korea) production of spin-off, (under the applicable patent laws of Republic of Korea) any improvement and any trial of identifying any protocol (including but not limited to API protocol) and source code of this service.
5.2 Illegally trying to access the network via this software.
5.3 Any distribution of part or whole of this software through device produced or distributed by you or for your benefit.
5.4 Any use of this software in an illegal way for illegal purposes or in any way not compliant with this license.
5.5 Use of this software for the operation of mission-critical application. You agree that this service is not intended for such purposes and that PANDORATV® has no responsibility for any losses or damages caused from such incompliant use.
5.6 Sale, lease, rent, distribution, transfer or reselling of this service or the access of this service for direct commercial profit or other monetary benefit without prior express written agreement from PANDORATV®.

6. Software Copyright

6.1 Software related documents title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights are retained by the Company.
6.2 This software and source technology, and its related documents are protected by international copyright treaties.
6.3 User is only authorized to use the software, not own the software.
6.4 Unless specified otherwise, all new features, revised to improve user’s convenience and functions within the current service are subject to this license terms.
6.5 Company has no responsibility for any problems that may arise from the personal configuration not published and authorized by the Company or the use of 3rd party add-on software and hardware.

7. Provision of services advertising, content, other

7.1 The company provides direct services to users for the contents and other advertisings other than basic features and functions of KMPlayer, when users download, run, do the upgrade KMP software.
7.2 The Company can collect and use specific information such as version, install, run, and delete from users’ PC with the exception of users’ personal information in order to maintain and improve the technical supports for KMPlayer ®. You can find more information about privacy policy at