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1. Creating your own Channel!
Once you sign in as a member, you will automatically have your own channel. You can change your channel name, create your own categories and customize the design to express your identity.
2. Video upload
You can upload any type of videos at Pandora TV. You can choose to upload videos one by one or multiple upload. Upload your fascinating videos to show creativity!
3. Customized PlayList
Add other members’ videos to your PlayList.
Watch all videos in your channel continuously.
Share your PlayList with your friends!
4.Find videos from anywhere in the world!
Pandora TV Video Search will help you find the videos you want faster than any other by searching all over the world!
5. Pandora TV Open API
Pandora TV offers Open API for anybody who wants to create own video service. With simple programming, you can begin uploading videos or show search results from your own blogs. Pandora TV plans to share many more Open APIs in future. Create your own mash-up service with a little twist!